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Career Literacy For the Next Generation

Discovery-fueled STEM career exploration with engaging
curiosity-to-career pathways for girls 8 - 12.

For Learners

Dear Smart Girl STEM Kits

Dear Smart Girl STEM Kit - Electrical Engineer

Your smart girl’s creativity will be ignited as she explores the core concepts of electricity and conductivity in this kit. She will learn about parallel circuits and build one to light up a headband of her design.

Our flagship Electrical Engineering Kit is also available in Spanish! 

Querida Chica Inteligente STEM Kit- Ingenieria Eléctrica
Dear Smart Girl STEM Kit - Cosmetic Engineer

Your smart girl will love being a formulator as she learns how to use chemical science to create natural and delightful skin-care products. This is not a simple heat-and-pour activity. Learners will evaluate pH levels to understand when chemicals are safe for the skin as they work through the three phases of the formulation.

For Caregivers

Raising Smart Girls.Com

Curated Resources

The largest online resource for facilitating informal STEM learning outside of the classroom for elementary-aged girls, offering caregivers and educators thousands of curated resources and editorial content for building STEM confidence.

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Smart Girl Squad

A Transformation Year-long Experience

A 20-week cohort-based creative STEM program and learning accelerator for 5th-grade girls


96hrs of standards-aligned, gender inclusive STEM lesson plans for learners in K - 6.


Press & Awards

We are so thankful for the support, recognition and investment of these amazing organizations. 


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